Departments, Facilities and Centers

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (MAE)

MAE has a wide range of research directions and course offerings from fusion energy to distributed control algorithms. Students can explore power and energy applications in materials engineering, atmospheric science, optimization, control, ML/AI, and more.

Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)

Research in modern power and energy systems cover a variety of topics, with an emphasis on the intensive use of mathematics and computers in complex dynamical systems which evolve in an environment containing considerable uncertainty and complexity. Faculty expertise in ECE span machine learning, data science, system and control, communication and signal processing, power electronics and many more.

School of Global Policy & Strategy (GPS)

GPS focuses on important 21st century challenges at the intersection of public policy, international relations, and global conflict and cooperation. Faculty and course offerings span economics, political science, management, and natural and engineering sciences. Learn more.

Center for Energy Research (CER) 

CER conducts basic and applied research in fusion, solar energy, fuel cells, energy storage, and related disciplines. Learn more.

Sustainable Power and Energy Center (SPEC)

SPEC researchers develop higher-performance and lower-cost materials and devices for energy generation, storage and conversion. Learn more.

Deep Decarbonization Initiative (D2I)

D2I helps real societies link the best science and technology with politically realistic economic strategies for putting new energy systems into place. Learn more.

UCSD NSF Research Facility: $39 M Microgrid and DER

Advance the integration of renewables and distributed energy resources

Real-time data analytics, machine learning and distributed control algorithms

Outreach: schools, community colleges and training for Native American tribes who rely on microgrids


Power and Energy Systems Ph.D. application workshop

See our presentation and video of the Power and Energy Systems Ph.D. application workshop. Topics covered:

PhD workshop 2021